Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shipping a barrel what a chore!

Well let me just tell you, shipping our barrel has turned into a huge project. We have needed to ship our barrel for about a week now and have not been able to for various reasons. I decided last week that I would ship the barrel on Wednesday but that didn't work out so I decided then that I would ship it the following Monday. Well that didn't work so I decided to try today (Wednesday) for the 3rd time. As the saying goes 3rd times a charm, right? Wrong!! We had been waiting to hear from the missionaries in Ghana about some specific items that we might need to pack, they must be having computer issues as we have not heard from them for the past few days. Anyway we have not been able to get the info we need not to mention the shipping address, I was able to obtain that info after making a number of phone calls. We now know where to ship the barrel but we still are not sure if we have all of the items that we will want or need. That said, we are going to try and ship the barrel tomorrow now. The only thing keeping us from shipping today is a financial matter. We were not able to obtain the check the we need to pay for the shipment, we are told that we will have the check tomorrow. I am not sure at this time why God does not want us to ship today but I know He has a good reason for keeping it from happening. We are going to get the barrel today and then pack it and take it for delivery tomorrow. My first thought is that God knows of something that we need for the barrel, we will have to wait and see. I feel like I am rambling so I am going to stop writing and go get the barrel. Please pray that God willing we will be able to get this barrel shipped tomorrow.

Excited to serve,

Gary Phillips and family

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